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Learn the Nuances of Screenwriting

At the School of Filmmaking, we strongly believe that a great screenplay is behind every brilliant film. The role of a screenwriter, therefore, is extremely crucial in the creation of a good film. We are committed to training our students to create excellent films by transforming them into certified professionals in screenwriting.

The Screenwriter course is a comprehensive and well-curated course that delves deep into the intricacies of screenwriting, equipping our students with the ability to weave great stories with powerful screenplays that could metamorphose into successful movies in the future.
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Participate in Workshops and Practical Sessions

Students will get the opportunity to participate in several workshops and practical sessions which are part of the course curriculum, enabling them to hone their storytelling abilities to absolute perfection. At the end of these sessions and workshops, students will have a set of scripts that they have worked on that are ready to be marketed. Students also have the opportunity to attend guest lectures and live script reading sessions conducted by experts.

Learn to Be a Versatile Writer

The course covers screenwriting for different forms of videography such as TV, Web, feature films and documentaries, as well as in varied genres such as Comedy, Drama, Action, and Romance. By training them to create scripts for various form of screenplay writing in the industry, our students become versatile writers, allowing them to overcome different obstacles in their prospective careers.

Apart from extensively covering screenwriting as an art, the course also explores the business side of screenwriting and teaches students how to pitch story ideas.
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