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Distinguished Engineer® Award

Distinguished Engineer

Be distinguishedYou deserve it
The Distinguished Engineer® award is given in recognition of technical excellence in the field of arts, science and technology. Recognition as a Distinguished Engineer® is the highest commendation given to professionals who have excelled in their field through their academic achievement and scientific breakthroughs.

Eligibility Requirements

For consideration as a Distinguished Engineer®, the nomination, including supporting materials must address the eligibility requirements as well as the selection criteria. All nominations must be submitted online with completed documents to be considered.
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Anyone can apply for the Distinguished Engineer® program. Application is open to all nationalities and in all scientific fields

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You must have filed patents (Pending) and/or own patents in your professional field

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You have have invented something

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You must be recognized by your peers as an academic achiever

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You must have written, published whitepapers and books

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You must have a sound standing in the society

What you will receive when you become a Distinguished Engineer®?

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You will receive 24k Gold certificate with your name embossed

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You will receive 24k Gold card

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You will receive lapel pin

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You will be listed at website

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You will be given press releases in major newspapers, social media and other online news channels

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How Do I Apply?

Apply online here.
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