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We are young startup company

Rocheston is a young and hip startup company (like the toddler) surrounded by people who are simply motivated by principles and values instead of money and success. Our team consists of young, liberal, innovative and forward thinking individuals who wants to make a difference and change the world.

We are passionate about our work

You won’t find a laundry list of services here. We don’t want to do everything, We want to do work that we are passionate about and experienced in. This work falls into our three areas: Cybersecurity + Technology + Innovation. We are a group of forward-thinking professionals who have built a new kind of company based on a more passionate and more fun way of working.

Those who believe in Rocheston, we truly value your support. God bless. Thank you. We are the underdog ready to challenge the 'status quo'. Ideals, ethics and principles drive this company and not greed, power or money.
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What We Do?

We provide training, certification and accreditation in business standards and help clients improve their organization business practices by defining and implementing innovative accredited compliance program. Our flagship programs such the Extreme Hacking® NeXTGEN™, RCBE, Certified Master of Business Leadership (CMBL), Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCIO) and Rocheston Certified Internet of Things Engineer (RCIE) train individuals and companies to thrive in the dynamic and competitive business environment of today.

At its core, Rocheston is an innovation company with cutting-edge research and development in emerging technologies such as Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Big Data and automation.

Rocheston’s certification programs are aimed at providing highly advanced training to students, professionals and organizations with the necessary skillsets to deal with the current dynamic global business landscape. Our programs are carefully and comprehensively designed to impart the best of knowledge and understanding about Cybersecurity, Innovation, IoT, Big Data and Business Leadership and help professionals and companies achieve business excellence.

Services Provided by Rocheston New York

Rocheston Accreditation Institute

Business Accreditation Services

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Distinguished Awards

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Rocheston Distinguished Restaurant
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Cybersecurity Training and Certification Programs

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Distinguished Cybersecurity Magazine

Distinguished Film Festival

Distinguished Film Festival

Rocheston Movie Reviews

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Rocheston Reinvent Conference

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Nebula Reviews

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