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Cybersecurity Training and Certification Programs

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving and highly volatile space in the contemporary world. Packed with fascinating possibilities, this is a domain that is waiting to explode into the world any moment now. To face the various emerging threats in the cyberworld, we need to prepare ourselves with adequate knowledge and expertise; the Rocheston cybersecurity certifications will enable you to become certified specialists in the various fields within the budding discipline of cybersecurity.
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually taking over lives. With all digital devices and applications being enabled with smart technology, our lives are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet of things. Thus cyberattacks such as hacking become rampant as tools keep becoming more sophisticated. The Extreme Hacking® NeXTGEN™ offers you training and awareness to deal with this evolving threat and prepares you for the Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Engineer.
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Rocheston Cyberconnect

Meet Rocheston Cyberconnect. It is the most versatile, and flexible online cybersecurity training platform. Very simple and slick interface.

Rocheston Cyberconnect uses Microsoft Azure, Adobe Connect, and Rocheston Rosé (Calculus Edition) running on the cloud into a seamless and simple integrated solution.

Online learning is the future. We nailed it, like no other. You are going to experience: Click. Boom. Amazing. Only from Rocheston.
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Cybersecurity for Woman

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At Rocheston, we take an innovative approach towards cybersecurity. Thus, we have a range of attractive and cutting-edge certification courses with the most enviable curriculum developed by our own subject matter experts. Compliance is a crucial part of modern-day tech security.

Cybersecurity Compliance Officer

Losing critical customer data is often a shameful event for any organization. The data being compromised and falling into the wrong hands is even worse. The legal ramifications to such data breaches can cost the company; even millions of dollars. Avoiding such messy lawsuits is a benefit of compliance. CCOs can weed out such issues at its root.
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In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is the key challenge, and without cybersecurity, basic human rights will not exist. Organizations spend considerable time and resources away from their core businesses to protect against and regain from cyberattacks. These organizations handle several complex tools that could be disjointed, however gaps and threats find their way into the deep crevices. Security teams in organizations grapple with such challenges and skilled talent to make these fixes are a rarity.
Rob Lefferts
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100% Cloud and Linux based

The RCCE® Training program is 100% Cloud and Linux based. There are 2 levels: Foundation and Advanced.

Cybersecurity Certification Levels

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