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The Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Engineer (RCCE) program is recognized globally as the most advanced, comprehensive cybersecurity training available. Designed by leading experts, the program explores the latest cyber threats, defense tactics, and innovative technologies in a detailed curriculum, setting it apart as the best in its field.
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DoD 8140 DCWF Framework

The RCCE Certification is approved under the U.S. Department of Defense DoD 8140 DCWF Framework. Read more.
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Demand for Artificial Intelligence

The demand for AI skills extends to almost every field imaginable. As a result, professionals who are proficient in AI and related technologies like machine learning, robotics, natural language processing, and predictive analysis are on top of the hiring pyramid.

The ability to understand and manipulate big data, in conjunction with AI skills, is considered a highly valuable tandem of skills. Due to the rapid digitalization and the continuous advancement of technology, the demand for AI skills is likely to rise even more in the future.
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RCCE Cybersecurity Framework

A comprehensive guide that covers everything from A to Z on Cybersecurity. This framework is the ultimate tool to becoming an expert in cybersecurity. Download it here.
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Rocheston CyberLabs

Welcome to Rocheston CyberLabs, the ultimate hub for cybersecurity enthusiasts. Featuring Hackathons, Cyber Games, our prestigious Hall of Fame, and exhilarating Capture the Flag events, CyberLabs offers an unparalleled experience like no other in the industry. Join us and immerse yourself in the dynamic world of cybersecurity.
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RCCE Books On Cybersecurity

Rocheston, has created a collection of books that are specifically designed for professionals in the field of cybersecurity. Download them.
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Stop Ransomware Attacks

Sign up for the 'Understanding Ransomware Threats' course at Rocheston U for free and learn how to combat these cybersecurity challenges.

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Podcast by Haja Mo

Tune into the Rocheston Cybersecurity Podcast, where your host, Haja Mo, brings you expert insights and the latest trends in cybersecurity, all the way from New York City. Join us every Sunday at 7:00pm EST for thought-provoking discussions that will sharpen your knowledge and keep you one step ahead in the cyber world. Click here to listen to the podcast now.
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Artificial Intelligence

The RCCE Cybersecurity Engineer training program completely incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning frameworks. Powered by our awesome Artificial Intelligence operating system: Rocheston AINA.
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Rocheston Certified SOC Analyst

The program covers all aspects of SOC operations, including security incident detection and response (SIEDR), threat analysis, log management, and incident reporting. You'll explore the latest cybersecurity tools and technologies used in today's SOCs, learning to leverage them efficiently to identify, analyze, and respond to security threats.
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Rocheston Rosé Cybersecurity Operating System

Discover the unmatched capabilities and sophistication of Rocheston Rosé, the world's preeminent hacking operating system. Expertly crafted from the ground up by Rocheston, this cutting-edge, Linux-based OS not only houses over 1TB of hacking tools and frameworks but also offers advanced customization options, state-of-the-art security features, and a user-friendly interface.

With continuous updates and dedicated support, Rocheston stands unrivaled in the industry, having truly revolutionized the hacking landscape. Experience the future of hacking with Rocheston Rosé.
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I have gained an overall picture of cybersecurity through this RCCE training and examination. The course content was comprehensive and understandable for cybersecurity professionals. The easily-accessible Rocheston Rose virtual machine provided during the training session is equipped with a variety of cybersecurity tools for enhanced hands-on experience. Absolutly RCCE is the best cybersecurity training program out there. Kudos Rocheston.
Grace Ng Yee Lin
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