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Distinguished Doctor Award

Your healing touch transforms lives
Your dedication wins hearts
You are a Distinguished Doctor!

The Distinguished Doctor Honor is bestowed on Doctors who have transformed the world through excellence in the field of Medicine. Recognition as a Distinguished Doctor is for those who have dedicated their lives to healing the sick and saving lives, working relentlessly for a healthier world. Distinguished Doctors put the values of ethics, compassion, and humanity above the mere concerns of material wealth. They bring forth innovation in any discipline of Medicine.

Rocheston identifies such Doctors and puts them on the highest pedestal that they deserve for their immeasurable contribution to society, conferring them with the Distinguished Doctor Honor.

Eligibility Requirements

For consideration as a Distinguished Doctor. the nomination, including supporting materials must address the eligibility requirements as well as the selection criteria.
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Your credentials must be impeccable; you must have degrees and qualifications from reputed institutions.
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You must be considered an expert in your area of specialization.
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You must have filed patents (Pending) and/or own patents in your professional field
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You must be recognized by your peers as an achiever
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You must have gone beyond the call of duty to help patients
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You must have written, published articles, especially in reputed medical journals and books
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You must have a sound standing in the society
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You adhere to ethics in medicine and work with compassion
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You volunteer or do some community work
In rare cases, eligibility criteria may be waived at our discretion

What you will receive when you become a Distinguished Doctor?

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You will receive a 24k Gold certificate with your name embossed
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You will receive a 24k Gold card
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You will receive a lapel pin
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You will be listed at website
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We will issue press releases in major newspapers, social media, and other online news channels


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Be part of a prestigious network of achievers
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Network with your peers
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Enjoy Referrals
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Invitations to exclusive private events only for members
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Free continuous learning programs
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Increase the perceived value of your services
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Gain immense respect among peers and clients

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How do I apply?

You must become a Business Member of the Rocheston Accreditation Institute (Apply for membership). 
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