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Accreditation - How Do I Become Accredited? | Steps for Accreditation
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How Do I Become Accredited?

Application for accreditation consists of four guided steps:
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Step 1: Membership

Become a business member of the Rocheston Accreditation Institute
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Rocheston Accreditation Institute  | Steps to Accreditation
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Step 2: Pre-Application (Eligibility Application)

Apply for accreditation online and Go through the pre-application process so we can assess your organization's suitability and determine your qualification for Accreditation.
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Step 3: Accreditation Application

  • Review the Accreditation Manual
  • Sign the Application Agreement
  • Upload all required documents through the accord portal
  • Pay Application Fee

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Step 4: Receive the Accreditation


Rocheston conducts two assessments:

1. System Assessment - examine documentation submitted and gathered
2. Compliance Assessment - on-site visits and inspections
The number of scheduled checks may go up or down over time based on your performance. If our surveillance highlights emerging problems, you will need to make changes. Rocheston may reduce the scope of your accreditation or terminate your accreditation at its discretion.

Eligibility Criteria

Once Rocheston Accreditation membership is completed, the organization should notify its administration on the Rocheston Accreditation Standards and the accreditation process. After doing so, the organization may begin the accreditation process by completing the application.
The Application Process involves a review of the organization to determine if it is eligible to receive the Rocheston Accreditation.

  • The organization should be recognized by the government.
  • The organization should be legally approved.
  • The organization should have the structure and potential to provide and sustain enhanced management and intellectual contributions.
  • The organization should exhibit the basis of eligibility through its establishment is organized and supported in the context of business, values, ethics, and management.
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