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Rocheston Membership | Types of Membership | Membership Plans
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Types of Membership

Rocheston offers three types of membership:

For Students, Professionals and Businesses.

If you attend an institution, school, college or a university then you qualify for student membership. If you are a working professional, then you are eligible for a professional membership. Businesses operating under a license falls under the category of business memberships.

Annual Membership Fees

  • Student ($79)
  • Professional ($189)
  • Business ($499)

Annual Renewal Fees

  • Student: $49
  • Professional: $119
  • Business: $399

You can renew the membership at Rocheston Store.
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Student Membership

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Professional Membership

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Business Membership

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Member Logos

You will be able to use these logos on your collateral after becoming a Rocheston member.
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Member Certificate

You will receive membership certificate upon becoming a member.
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