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Rocheston - Governing & Advisory Board Members | Cybersecurity Team
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Governing and Advisory Board

Aman Bhar

Aman Bhar

Aman Bhar has had considerable experience in business process and security posture transformation within the Government, Banking, Process Manufacturing, OEM Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Large Scale Printing, Healthcare, Tourism, Engineering, Transportation, Large Infrastructure Management and the IT industries for the last 25 years with an initial career launch in the Electronic Commerce arena.

Aman Bhar’s speaking and teaching engagements are primarily in the European Union, North America and the Middle East where he assists some of the world's largest organizations in assuring their highly complex processes.

Aman Bhar is passionate and believes in excellence.

Aman has consulted with Heads of State, Boards of Directors and Industry Captains in the various roles he has played. He has designed cutting-edge training programs, delivered consulting & training services, designed secure business models, developed national e-commerce communities and continuous improvement models, and managed teams over a rewarding 25 period.

Aman -- The Information Security Professional. Aman is constantly engaged in helping businesses optimize their information security vision as part of a wider continuous improvement initiative. He is acknowledged as an expert consultant and trainer serving large organizations with cutting edge information security. His wide range of product experience has helped to develop his overall systems security knowledge.

Joseph Concannon

Joseph Concannon

A highly decorated police department captain with over twenty years of progressively responsible positions. I am a resourceful expert on governmental affairs and operations, coordinated the Mayor's Office "emergency response team". Because of my leadership position with the FBI's InfraGard Program in NYC I became an influential presenter in a multitude of situations, with strong emphasis on crisis management.


Recipient of numerous awards, achievements, industry recognition including:

13 Excellence in Police Duty Awards

4 Meritorious Police Duty Awards

Precinct Community Council Award for Quality of Life Patrol

The prestigious Whitepot Award

Federal Reserve Bank of NY FFIEC letter of recognition Northeastern Interagency Information Technology Conference (5/2005)

The ASBC (The American Small Business Coalition, LLC (6/2006)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (12/2007) Assistant Secretary Cyber Security and Communications

FBI recognitions certificates (numerous years)

National Law Enforcement Associates Plaque (2/2008)

ASIS NYC Chapter recognition (4/2009)

InfraGard National Leadership Award (8/2013)

InfraGard National Community Outreach Award (8/2013)
Leonard Hoffman

Leonard Hoffman

Mr. Hoffman is a Senior Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM) professional who provides support towards the implementation and management of protecting companies Intellectual Property, Privacy and maintaining Product Integrity & Risk Managment.

Mr. Hoffman has personally constructed, installed, maintained and removed hundreds of wiretaps, video surveillance and eavesdrops for State, County and Federal Agencies, Mr. Hoffman is a unique TSCM professionals who has "Hands On" experience which includes being declared an "Expert Witness in Electronic Surveillance" by the courts.

Mr. Hoffman possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with 30+ years of police investigative experience which included conducting TSCM police investigations throughout New Jersey. The New Jersey State Police (NJSP) has the sole responsibility in New Jersey for investigating illegal wiretapping and eavesdropping as well as performing TSCM sweeps for NJ facilities and State VIP’s.

Mr. Hoffman currently retains a Top Secret Security (TS) Clearance (TS/SSBI) and is (TS/SCI) - eligible.

Mr. Hoffman’s Training:
Information Security Associates (ISA) Training certification in conducting Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Training certification, Class B in Wiretapping & Electronics Surveillance (Restricted to Law Enforcement Officers) (LEO’s). Technical Surveillance Specialist (TSS) certification (Restricted to LEO’s). Video Surveillance Specialist, (TSS) certification (Restricted to LEO’s). Video Surveillance Operations, Middle Atlantic Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN) certification (Restricted to LEO’s).

Mr. Hoffman has provided TSCM and security enhancement consultation for Facility Security Officers (FSO) at Department of Defense(DoD) contractor locations.

Mr. Hoffman now conducts TSCM services and security consulting for Murray Associates throughout the United States and abroad.
Wilson Wong

Wilson Wong

Wilson Wong, co-founder, and Managing Director of Condition Zebra. Condition Zebra is an information security and risk management solutions provider, offering one stop solutions including applications, services, and education. Condition Zebra’s strategies of combining key technologies with exclusive expertise aim to mitigate operational, legal and financial threats for organizations, and reduce risk to a manageable and resolvable level.
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