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Understand the Role of a Production Designer

A production designer enhances the visual appeal of a film by recreating the ‘world’ in which the film is set for the audience. At Rocheston School of Filmmaking, students are imparted the basics of art direction and overall production design to help bring out the theme of a film.

Students with a passion for art and visualization are transformed into creative professionals who understand the various elements of filmmaking. Students are taught in-depth techniques of the production process in both the pre-production and post-production stages.

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Learn About All Aspect of Production Designing

The course analyses and delves into several aspects of production design such as cinematography, mise-en-scene, sound, narrative and editing. The importance of collaboration between the film crew and the role of a production designer in the filmmaking process is touched upon.

Participate in Workshops and Practical Sessions

Workshops at Rocheston School of Filmmaking are conducted by professionals in the industry. Students are trained in conceptualizing, visualization, concept art and its application on the sets. The course helps students gain a deeper understanding of the artistic elements involved in production design in terms of space, color and form.

The course covers production design for television and films. On completion of the course, students are transformed into certified professionals in their field and are encouraged to forge their path in the film industry.
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