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Understand the Role of an Art Director

A film is all about its visuals, and the importance of a good art director cannot be stressed enough. The art director carefully designs each and every frame of the film, enhancing the visual as well as the overall appeal of it. Consequently, an art director’s touch is present in every frame of the film.
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Learn about the Different Aspects of Art Direction

Our course in art direction introduces aspiring art directors to the different aspects of art direction. This includes understanding the art departments in film sets, surveying film set locations, creating models and samples, drawing architectural plans for sets, designing and conducting research.

Most importantly, the course also guides students on how to discover and tap the talent present around them, encouraging them to work as a team and draw inspiration and ideas from each other, collectively creating stunning visuals and designs.

Get Exposed to the Overall Process of Filmmaking

The school is also of the firm belief that understanding the requirements of the visuals in a film is of paramount importance. In addition to this, students also require a basic understanding of the other aspects of film production such as cinematography and direction. We provide students with the opportunity to attend additional classes to understand their line of work better and enhance their skills.

Students who complete the course will be recognized as Rocheston Certified Professionals in Art Direction, adding value to the skills they already possess and enabling them to be instantly absorbed into the industry to work as art directors and production designers for various projects.
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