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Become a Professional Actor

A seasoned actor effectively portrays a character in a film, bringing a story alive on-screen. At Rocheston School of Filmmaking, students who are aspiring actors hone their craft with the aid of the best training techniques, including a practical and hands-on approach.

Students with a passion for acting are transformed into creative artists and disciplined professionals, equipping them for a successful career in the film industry. Students are personally trained and guided by experts in theory and acting, preparing them for the various needs of the film industry.
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Learn the Intricacies of Filmmaking

The focus of our well-researched acting course will be on mastering the techniques of on-screen acting and acting on stage. Students are provided with an opportunity to learn the intricacies of a film, the importance of collaboration between crew members and their roles in the making of a film.

Students will also gain a deeper knowledge of the shots, understanding the director’s needs and performing in front of the camera. Students get an opportunity to work on film sets and are provided with individual feedback on their performance. Students will also have a chance to attend live acting workshops conducted by prominent artists from the film and theater industry.

Master the Skill of Acting

The course covers acting for TV, theater, and films. Students can specialize in genre-specific acting such as action, comedy and drama. Different aspects of acting are instilled in our students, transforming them into certified professionals in the field and motivating them to find their place in the film industry. At the end of this three-month long intensive acting course, students will be adept in their craft, putting them in a position to land their chosen roles successfully.
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