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Rocheston Accreditation Institute | Professional Accreditation
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What is professional accreditation?

Accreditation which focuses on recognizing professional expertise from the viewpoint of the public and consumers is professional accreditation at Rocheston. Professional accreditation is a honor for excelling in a specific profession and achieving customer satisfaction.

How does it benefit you?

Membership, which is the first step in the accreditation process has the following benefits:
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Inclusion into the Rocheston member exchange
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Free subscription to first three months of Distinguished Magazine
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Invitation to attend one Rochestonite event
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Discounted rates for CCIO training program
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Participation as a speaker at Rocheston conference
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Invitation to write and contribute articles to Distinguished Magazine and Rocheston journals.
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Membership Certificate with Rocheston logo.
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Inclusion as member of panel of Nebula Reviews.

What is the value in accreditation?

Accreditation increases competence and credibility in the industry. Accreditation helps to constantly review performance in accordance with established standards. Accreditation sustains your ability to compete on an overall level. An accredited professional will receive training and examination vouchers for CCIO - Certified Chief Innovation Officer and cMBL - Certified Masters in Business Leadership program.

Eligibility Requirements:

Become a Professional member of Rocheston Accreditation Institute. A professional should have been active for a minimum of one year in a specific profession, to apply for accreditation.

How to Apply:

Apply for accreditation by filling out the form. We will get in touch with you in the next 48 hours. The fees for initial eligibility accreditation application is $4000

Steps in getting the accreditation

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Apply for accreditation online and Go through the pre-application process so we can assess your organization's suitability and determine your qualification for Accreditation.
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Review the Accreditation Manual
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Sign the Application Agreement
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Upload all required documents through the accord portal
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Pay Application Fee
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Prepare for site visit and receive accreditation
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