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Enhance Your Editing Skills

Film editors play an instrumental role in the filmmaking process by way of editing and controlling the pace of a film. They have to be highly proficient technically and artistically.

At Rocheston School of Filmmaking, we transform students with a passion for editing into creative professionals in the film, television and web industry. Students not only learn how to enhance their editing skills but also understand all theoretical aspects of editing along with the art of narrating a film.

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Understand the Varied Aspects of Film Editing

The detailed course will focus on understanding the concept of storytelling and the varied aspects of film editing. Students will be trained using the very latest in film editing technology. They are also exposed to the process of editing raw footage from rough cut to final cut.

Workshops at the Rocheston School of Filmmaking are conducted by professionals in the field of television, movies and commercials. They will also have the opportunity to experience the filmmaking process and undertake live editing projects by working on sets.

Become a Certified Professional

The course covers the different styles of editing required for television, web and films, adapting students to the visual needs of the platform. On completion of the course, students become certified professionals in film editing and they are encouraged to find their way in the editing industry.
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